Wednesday, 22 January 2014

No More Page 3. Please.

Sewing Circus supports No More Page 3 and here is why, posted in response to Mumsnet asking it's members if they should support the campaign.

Mumsnet should absolutely support No More Page 3.

This IS an important campaign, and if your argument is - well, there's more important issues like FGM - why not let Mumsnet campaign for both?

Boobs, nipples, nudity aren't the problem. The context however is. Page 3 objectifies women and leads to the normalisation of attitudes to women's breasts as sexual objects - rather than YOUR body, or for breastfeeding. As a child, stumbling across these images, I felt almost ashamed of my developing bod, like it wasn't mine - boobs were almost something sinister, for creepy men to enjoy only.

The Sun is a very prominent newspaper, it is everywhere and enters everyday life through every shop you visit, the rubbish on the streets, on the tables in cafes. Simply "don't buy it!" doesn't work, no more than "don't vote for them" is a reason not to argue against the absurdity of UKIP.

Do I want to breastfeed in a cafe while men casually ogle page 3? No. Do I want my 5 year old daughter to see page 3? No. And she will, not because she will buy a newspaper (!) but because, how can she avoid it? as a child I couldn't.

Did I want the walls of our tech services dept staff room AND TOILET (the mind boggles) at a national museum plastered with page 3 models? No. The perception being that Page 3 was somehow permissable because it was in a national newspaper. I felt awkward, uncomfortable - and most importantly unwelcome in my work environment.

This isn't about banning breasts, or nudity (another element also being its always a specific kind of nudity too, often a false ideal of sexuality based on enhancements and youth) this is saying no to something entirely negative to women and girls, and negative to the perception of women and girls. Page 3 is outdated and has no place in the 21st century.

Mumsnet, please back the No More Page 3 campaign.

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